CIAO: Your short link for everything!

Ciao: Your short link for everything

Optimize your social media bios... Share more with fewer characters!

Simplify your online presence in minutes

✅ Manage your personal social media links in one place.

✅ Create advertising campaigns with easy-to-manage web pages.

✅ Build product landing pages to promote your business on social media.

✅ Create a website to offer your personal services to potential clients.

✅ Create your personal profile to include in your resume.

✅ Centralize links for your promotional offers.

✅ Shorten URLs for your personal brand or business... Easy and effective!

✅ Ciao is multilingual and allows you to handle links for advertising campaigns in various languages.

And more!

Currently, the service is available only by direct membership request and as an added value for users of the Site Network, clients of Hakesh: Digital Solutions, and users of the ALOHA: Hosting Services.

You can contact me to acquire the service individually or to inquire about available packages.

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 Publication Year:2024

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